Saving lives

MC&Saatchi Geneva signs an awesome campaign for HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) on the blood donation theme. Launched last June 14, for the international blood donors day, it highlights the link between people whose live was saved thanks to blood donation and their relatives. One of the ads shows two of the Genève-Servette Hockey Club […]

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Even a woman can do it…

Women’s role in communication, to say the least, isn’t always funny. Often portrayed as sexual objects to sell masculine products, the women image in last century’s advertisements has greatly contributed to ambiant misogyny in our society. Wrongly considered as the strong sex, men impose their vision to those they consider inferior. To celebrate the world’s […]

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And the music plays on…

Let’s get some inspiration with this campaign. Very visual, excellent concept, but yet a total fail. Popclik is a company who creates and sells hi-fi products (high-speakers, headphones…). Thus, it has naturally chosen to address music fans with a single message “See music everywhere”. The concept is simple and could really work if it didn’t […]

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Collaborative greetings

All those who ever worked on the creation of  a corporate greetings card know how tricky the task can be. Find a communication line to be festive enough (but, of course, no religious aspect), that evokes a theme that would bring all the company together (nothing worse than learning some colleagues have purchased Unicef cards […]

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Group pictures

Each time i must coordinate a group picture, in particular with the executives from my company, we face the same issues. What scenography? What style? What background? What clothes? A complex work, whose preparation account for 90% of the final quality. At the end of 2015, I had the opportunity to analyse group pictures from […]

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Fashion price

How to wake our consciousness in sustainability? In particular on the social line, in an attempt to favor our responsibility as consumers… The answer to this question in this great video, that I find really effective.  

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What’s a brand?

Pretty often, people ask me what’s the use of a brand. “Why would I buy a branded product? When I need a cheap shirt, I just go to H&M…” Really? What if that way of thinking, however very frequent, was no less than the bad comprehension of the issue? To think that one can be […]

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Think different

In 1997, when Apple was in a bad position after that the company had four CEO succeeding themselves, their founder Steve Jobs is called to save the company. He has 90 days to avoid Apple from going bankrupt. That’s when he develops a corporate campaign that will become a reference, joined by the simplest signature […]

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Geneva gives blood

Geneva just got a great communication campaign to encourage the locals to give their blood. The campaign reminds us that we miss units of blood at the hospital, and that a great amount of them is necessary for the hospital to save lives. The agency CSM has created three visuals, where the blood is put […]

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Brand content: success stories

More and more companies seek to innovate in their communication, to question, to surprise. And one of the trends that take more and more amplitude is no doubt the “brand content”. Definition of what brand content is are all over the web. As for me, I like to think that, at least for the most […]

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The value of a logotype

To many people, when they hear that the new Pepsi logotype costed 1 million dollars, they just feel shocked! However… Let’s analyze what makes the value of a logotype. In 1972, when Phil Knight asks trainee Carolyn Davidson to create a logotype for the brand he just created, it costs him 35$. This cheap logo […]

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C’est quoi ce pantalon ?

Depuis quelques temps, la publicité Twingo tourne en boucle (doux euphémisme) sur toutes les chaînes françaises… Un détail attire mon attention : ça existe vraiment ce genre de pantalon ? c’est quoi l’intérêt (à part pour montrer son tatouage à sa fille) ? [youtube=]

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